HIGH-TECH KIT | Sport Diver


ATOMIC FRAMELESS MASK No frame equals low-volume and easy clearing. CONTACT atomicaquatics.com

ATOMIC SPLITFIN The updated SplitFin is improved with a new smoky colorway and great new spring straps. CONTACT atomicaquatics.com

ATOMIC SV 2 SNORKEL A scupper valve (hence, the "SV") helps eliminate water that might enter the breathing tube. CONTACT atomicaquatics.com

ATOMIC T2X REG This titanium mean machine offers superior performance and winning ergonomics, thanks to the Comfort Swivel. CONTACT atomicaquatics.com

HENDERSON H2 Updated with even more supple, high-quality 3 mm Hyperstretch rubber. CONTACT hendersonusa.com

ZEAGLE TECH 10 BC A modular design enables this weight- integrated rig to go from rec to tec, for single or twin cylinders. CONTACT zeagle.com

MARES ICON HD Three gas nitrox capability, effortless menu navigation and the industry's first full-color screen. CONTACT mares.com

SEA-DOO SEASCOOTER EXPLORER X By the numbers: 3.3 mph, 130-foot depth capability, two hours of run time and 32 pounds of weight. Plus more fun than you can count. CONTACT seadooseascooter.com