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60:Second ScubaLab - SCUBAPRO GO BC

A travel-ready, full-featured BC**
Traveling divers who like jacket-style BCs are going to love SCUBAPRO’s GO. Although lightweight, this is a full-featured BC with a super-secure integrated weight system, huge cargo pockets with mesh reinforcements and zippered closures, lightweight shoulder strap buckles and large aluminum D-rings. The BC offers plenty of buoyant lift, especially for one designed for travel. Its soft backpack can be folded for easy packing, while double tank bands contribute to in-water stability once you get to your dive destination. It’s available in five sizes and comes in its own travel bag. Bottom line: The SCUBAPRO GO is an excellent warm-water BC that can also be used for temperate water diving, a big plus for divers who like to use just one BC both at home and on vacation.

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