Aeris Velocity XP Fin | Sport Diver

Aeris Velocity XP Fin

From heel to blade tip, this new fin features the latest techno-wonder materials, such as semirigid battens and flexible rubber channels that control blade shape throughout the kicking cycle. Based on proven Nature's Wing technology, it creates forward thrust by pushing water behind you and by creating a "lift" similar to a propeller. An ergonomically shaped foot pocket naturally hugs dive boots for a solid, no-slip grip and efficient energy transfer. The oversize side rails are more rigid than those of typical fins and translate into better blade dynamics for increased power. The blade is also angled so that it's optimally positioned as an extension of the diver's leg. Heel hardware features quick-release buckles and an oversize thumb loop that make donning and doffing simple when wearing thick gloves. MSRP $189.95