Scubapro Glide Plus - July 2008 Editors Pick | Sport Diver

Scubapro Glide Plus - July 2008 Editors Pick

Editor's Pick - July 2008 SCUBAPRO GLIDE PLUS

FIRST LOOK Classic in the best sense of the word, the Glide Plus has the proportions and cut of a truly streamlined jacket-style BC.

KEY FEATURES SCUBAPRO's integrated-weight pocket design is brilliantly simple, using oversize buckles to secure releasable weight pouches, while trim weight pockets help fine-tune swimming position. A trio of dump valves makes descending from any position fast, and the depth-compensating cummerbund minimizes the need for adjustments while diving. Built around a rigid backpack, the interior is lushly padded and capped off with a soft neoprene neck roll for additional comfort. Four prebent stainless-steel D-rings and three zippered cargo pockets — one on each side and one up front — give lots of options for managing accessories.

DIVER IMPRESSIONS After logging some bottom time, we've decided that the Glide Plus wins the award for most accurate moniker. Swimming with this BC is indeed much akin to gliding. Horizontal, vertical, head-up, head-down, sideways, doing the backstroke — you name it and each position felt natural. Better yet, transitioning between swimming positions was absolutely fluid, with no air shifts in the bladder or forced rolls or flips. Surface stability was equally impressive, and as we've mentioned in previous reviews, kudos to SCUBAPRO for truly low-profile weight pockets that are effortless to load.

MSRP: $599