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Tropical Diver

When it comes to minimalist scuba diving, the mainstream tropical diver wins, hands down. Yes, there's hard-core diving in tropical water, but most tropical diving is warm, shallow, no-stop diving. It's the kind of diving that lets us enjoy nature, relax and feel free. For some people, this is what diving's all about. Every diver is a tropical diver from time to time, although some ego-threatened hard-core tec heads won't cop to it.

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Photo by Darrell Jones MODEL Kim Smith dolphin trainer

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1. SCUBAPRO MK25SA/S600 REGULATOR This recent addition to SCUBAPRO's reg line offers the company's lightest-weight first stage, due to its marine-grade aluminum alloy components. The compact, lightweight second stage is highlighed by a chrome-plated brass and technopolymer valve housing and a linear high-flow air-balanced valve. This adaptable reg can be dived in all conditions. MSRP: $750 GENESIS TROPIC BC Ideal for the traveling diver. This compact, lightweight back-mounted BC offers superior freedom of movement by keeping the chest area clear. Use of rugged materials and the NEW CQR 2 weight system makes this BC suitable for even more demanding dive conditions. MSRP: $350 2. Scubapro Ladyhawk BCDesigned specifically for the female torso, the Ladyhawk features an integrated weight system, pull-down accessory pocket and depth-adjusting cummerbund. This BC has a unique neoprene roll to increase comfort when wearing dive skins or low-neck wetsuits. Available in S, M, ML and L. MSRP: $606, with AIR2; $508 with Balanced Power Inflator Bare Velocity Fullsuit This single-piece 3 mm wetsuit is the ideal tropical protection. Built with Bare's Hydrostretch material and Glideskin wrist and ankle seals, you get in and out of the Velocity with ease. The Velocity features a lower back panel for comfort and Duraskin knee pads. MSRP: $190 3. Scubapro Xtender Nitrox Dive Computer/Watch In a steel case with a titanium face, the Xtender is a compact, rugged nitrox dive computer that you can wear as a watch. Capable of running mixes with 21% to 99% oxygen, this full-featured computer offers dive profile planning, PC interface for profile downloading, altitude adjustment and conservatism adjustment. The log function stores 30 dives, plus counts your dives and dive hours to 999 dives and 999 hours. MSRP: $515 4. TUSA FF-9 Xpert Zoom Fullfoot FinsIf you think you need an open-heel fin for full power, guess again. Clearly made with the serious tropical diver in mind, Xpert Zoom fins feature a composite, split design for maximum thrust. MSRP: $50 5. Henderson 3 mm Neoprene jumpsuit The premium neoprene wetsuit for the tropics, Henderson jumpsuits provide both protection and warmth. Versatile and economical, Henderson offers front- and backzip models, long-sleeve/leg and shorty models in multiple colors. Henderson offers custom fitting as well. MSRP: $150 6. Cressi Lince Mask and Alpha II SnorkelThe Cressi Lince mask is compact, yet provides ample downward and wide vision. The Alpha II snorkel features a self-drain design with a profiled splash guard to reduce water entering the tube at the surface. MSRP: Lince Mask: $70 MSRP: Alpha II Snorkel: $27 Citizen Cyber Aqualand NX From the makers of fine watches comes the watch that's also an EANx dive computer with all the features you expect from a top-end dive computer. The Aqualand NX calculates no-stop and deco time, has PC interface and download capability and is rated to 600 feet, yet it's also a quality timepiece you can wear to impress your non-diving friends. The Aqualand also allows the user to recharge the batteries internally using a AA-powered charger. MSRP: $850 Deep Outdoors Submariner bagAlthough the Submariner is available in three sizes, the large one is a good choice for divers who have a bit more to carry. A heavy-duty wheeled bag, it rolls along smoothly even when fully loaded, and it features shoulder straps that let you wear it backpack-style. MSRP: $200