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Travel BC 101

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John Linn

Travel BC Characteristics: 1. Lightweight construction2. Low-profile air cell3. Usually a soft backpack4.Less lift than conventional BCs (usually under 30 lb.)5. Streamlined design with fewer buckles, rings and brackets6. Single-cylinder mounting only7. Smaller/fewer weight pockets (on weight-integrated models) What to Look For: 1. Streamlined air cell design2. Self-draining pockets3. Adequate padding beneath the tank4. D-rings and clips placed to keep hoses away from pocket openings5. Inflate/deflate valves that are easily identifiable6. Good pocket closure system7. Easy-to-reach dump valves8. Easy-to-ditch weight pockets (on weight-integrated units) BC FitnessA buoyancy compensator that fits well will enhance your diving control and buoyancy. That makes for a better diving experience. 1. Fit the BC over the exposure suit you'll likely be wearing.2. Fit it with a tank and regulator properly mounted.3. Make sure the inflate/deflate mecha- nisms are easy for you to identify and use.4. Inflate the BC fully to check for chest squeeze.5. Dump valves should be easy to reach and operate with the BC fully inflated.6. Properly weighted, test the lift capacity and overall functionality in the pool.