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Scuba Diving California's Eureka Oil Rig

That Eureka Moment!

Eureka Oil Rig: Plan now for August 2017

diving the eureka oil rig

Eureka oil rig off California's coast.

Andy Sallmon

Waiting beneath the sterile, mechanical platform of the Eureka Oil Rig — 8 miles off the coast of Los Angeles — is an oasis for all types of life.

The rig plunges 720 feet into the Pacific, making it the deepest of the rigs accessible to divers off California’s coast. Fin about the rig’s colorful legs, stretching out like a Wellsian invader, and you may spot California’s famous sea lions, baitballs and even pelagics like mola mola and large jellyfish enjoying the safety of the no-take zone. The little stuff can be seen here too. Anemones, brittle stars and scallops line the structure, while crabs and nudibranchs capitalize on the free rent. This diamond in the open blue offers a new experience on every dive.


Water Conditions
Temps from the 50s to 60s, with viz from 30 to 100 feet.

What to Bring
A large surface signaling device.

What You Need to
Know Current and surge can make boat pickups difficult.

When to Go
Between July and December for the best visibility.

Where to Go
The Pacific Star