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10 Reasons To Scuba Dive in Baja California, Mexico

Sea Lion in Los Islotes

Jason Bradley

Dramatic mountains and desert flanked by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez lure divers to the southern Baja peninsula.

1 SURF'S UP Watch surfers tackle Pacific waves on Playa Los Cerritos, a beach just outside the artsy village of Todos Santos.

2 BACK TO SCHOOL Explore East Cape diving at Gordo Banks, an underwater mountain known for seasonal schooling hammerhead sharks.

3 WINTER RESIDENTS In winter, gray whales migrate here from the Arctic. Check them out up close on Zodiacs.

4 GREAT VIZ Viz in Cabo San Lucas Bay from June to December can exceed 100 feet at sites like Whale Head, which features octopuses, sea turtles and nurse sharks.

5 AT LAND'S END Follow a wall 90 feet to underwater cascades of sand at Land's End, where the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean meet.

6 SUCH A LOVELY PLACE Settle in at the bar or on a street-side balcony at the colorful, eclectic Hotel California in Todos Santos to people-watch.

7 CONSERVATION GEM In Cabo Pulmo’s protected marine park, the Sea of Cortez’s most vibrant coral reefs are a quick panga ride from the beach.

8 ZIPPING BY Sign up for a morning zip-line adventure across a deep arroyo where springs bubble from polished rock.

9 THE WALL Plentiful fish await on La Anegada, an 80-foot dive at the tip of the Cabo San Lucas Canyon Wall; beyond here lies the abyss.

10 UNDERWATER ACROBATS Hop a boat from La Paz to Los Islotes island, where snorkelers thrill at the superior swimming abilities of sea lions on day trips that include an afternoon on a deserted beach.

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