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  • Do your part by opting for one of these 15 reef-safe sunscreens, all of which meet criteria established by the Environmental Working Group.

    These 15 sunscreens will protect your skin while also protecting the reefs. Bonus: many come in TSA-approved carry-on sizes.
  • fourth element rash guard
    These eco friendly swimsuit and board short options are 100% sustainable and 100% available online for your shopping convenience.
  • SeaLife Dragon Mini

    The gear you need in your dive bag.

    You most likely already have a mask, fins and snorkel in your gear bag but this is the scuba gear you need to complete your scuba diving kit.


  • During the seven days of Shark Week, an estimated 1,923,077 sharks were killed for their fins globally. Find out why this underwater videographer wants to change that.
  • one ocean diving
    A tale of one woman's mission to conquer her fears and freedive with sharks in the open ocean. Spoiler alert: this story doesn't end in a shark attack.
  • If your reg mouthpiece is knocked out of your mouth, would you remember the best technique for recovering and clearing it? We take you through this life-saving skill, step by step.

    Follow this step-by-step guide to properly clearing your scuba regulator.