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  • project aware
    Working with Project AWARE, Tómmi Knúts and The Blue Army lead the removal of rubbish from the beaches and waters all over Iceland.



  • Cressi T10 Cromo/Galaxy
    These new scuba diving regulators are a breath of fresh air.
  • free flowing regulator
    Regulator failures are rare, but a free-flowing second stage is the most common malfunction a scuba diver will experience.
  • diving weights

    Tired of lugging around an excess of lead? Here are some tips to help you shave some pounds.

    Many divers wear more weight than they need, and if you’ve never consciously tried to dive with less, you probably are too.


  • During the seven days of Shark Week, an estimated 1,923,077 sharks were killed for their fins globally. Find out why this underwater videographer wants to change that.
  • one ocean diving
    A tale of one woman's mission to conquer her fears and freedive with sharks in the open ocean. Spoiler alert: this story doesn't end in a shark attack.
  • If your reg mouthpiece is knocked out of your mouth, would you remember the best technique for recovering and clearing it? We take you through this life-saving skill, step by step.

    Follow this step-by-step guide to properly clearing your scuba regulator.