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4 Tips For Selecting the Perfect Scuba Diving Mask

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Carrie Garcia

Need help finding a well-made scuba diving mask that's perfect for you? Consider these four features when shopping for your next window on the underwater world.


Ribs molded into malleable ­silicone provide a nice balance of softness and shape, resulting in a pliable skirt that molds to your face and creates an excellent seal. One example of this is the Scubapro Spectra Trufit, which was our Editor's Pick in the October 2012 issue for its ultra comfortable dual lens that offers good field of view — plus its frame features a unique, cool-looking powder-coat-looking paint process.


Clear skirts allow a lot of light in, creating an open and airy at-depth effect. Black skirts, on the ­other hand, block out any reflective glare. An example of this is Tusa’s Freedom One Pro (the top mask in the photo).


Strap buckles that are ­omni-directional provide more range of motion for ­dialing in fit, plus enable the mask to be folded flat for easy packing. See this in the Cressi Big Eyes Evolution (the middle mask in the photo).


Some masks have gone a step or two above standard tempered glass, offering advanced glass composites that deliver high levels of visual clarity. You can find this feature in the Atomic Aquatics SubFrame (pictured at bottom).

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