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10 Featured Underwater Photos from Sport Diver's September Photo Contest

The September Sport Diver Snapshots Photo Contest featured fantastic photos featuring majestic whale sharks, playful dolphins and so much more. Congrats to our winner Byron Conroy, who took this month's top prize with an impressive snapshot of divers exploring Silfra Cathedral in Iceland.

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Here's a look at the winning photo and some of the shots that also blew us away this month.


silfra cathedral photo

Silfra Cathedral in Iceland

Byron Conroy

Provided Caption: Silfra, Iceland. 100m visibility between the Tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia


cavern diving

A freediver in front of a school of silversides

Jason Washington

Provided Caption: A freediver passes through a tunnel filled with silversides and natural light.

whale shark photo

A diver approaches a whale shark

Natalie Bondarenko

Provided Caption: Whale shark and diver at East Kalimantan, Indonesia

viper moray eel

Viper Moray eel (Enchelynassa canina)

Mikhail Rudenko

Provided Caption: This is the most evil-looking eel, the rumor has it that this eel inspired the Alien. A rare sighting in Hawaii, these eels are nocturnal hunters, they rest in caverns and under ledges during the day. Equipment: SONY NEX-6 with 16-50mm lens Nauticam housing Sea&Sea YS-D2 Settings: ISO 200, F14, 1/100 Location: Wash Rock, Lanai, Hawaii

kittiwake wreck

The Kittiwake

Jeff Davis

Provided Caption: There is nothing more satisfying than rolling up on something that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck underwater. That rush of adrenaline and special feeling of experiencing something so intimate is intrinsic to scuba diving in my mind. Shooting the ghostly image of the Ex USS Kittiwake certainly made me feel both excited an uneasy at the same time.

Sarcastic Fringehead

Sarcastic Fringehead

Kirk Wester

Provided Caption: Photo taken at Veterans Park Redondo Beach California

dolphin photo

Dolphins playing in the Red Sea

Scott Farr

Provided Caption: Red Sea 2017

banded coral shrimp

A banded coral shrimp

Michael Dodge

Photo Caption: Banded Coral Shrimp in St. Lucia taken with a SeaLife DC2000

Goliath grouper Florida

Goliath grouper in Florida

Paula Herman

Provided Caption: While diving the Ana Cecelia wreck in Riviera, FL we encountered this beauties in their yearly annual mating aggregation.

sea turtle

Turtle time in Grand Cayman

Ray Faith

Provided Caption: Turtle hanging out on a coral head in Little Cayman


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