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Scuba Diving Gear

Everything you need to know about scuba diving gear — reviews of new gear, what you need to know before you buy and how to take care of your dive gear.

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  • These new scuba diving fins offer powerful kicks and travel-friendly designs.


BCs (Buoyancy Compensators)

Dive Computers

Wetsuits, Drysuits and Exposure Protection

  • Drysuits over $2000

    New Drysuits Over $2000

    Looking for a new drysuit? Check out these three high-quality drysuits over $2000.
  • DUI Yukon II drysuit
    Interested in purchasing a new drysuit? These economy models offer great performance, but won’t break the bank.

Snorkeling Gear

  • Aqua Lung Reveal X2

    The scuba gear you need to buy before you dive.

    When you first enroll in a scuba diving class, it is recommended that you buy your own mask, fins, snorkel and wetsuit.

Dive Watches

Underwater Photo & Video Equipment

Scuba Diving Accessories

Latest Gear Articles

  • These new scuba diving fins offer powerful kicks and travel-friendly designs.
  • Keep it Simple with These Underwater cameras

    These underwater cameras are simple to operate and produce crystal-clear underwater images and video.
  • Scubapro Synergy Mini

    Launch Your Scuba Journey with theses Gear Basics

    These are the essential pieces of scuba gear you need to launch your scuba journey.
  • Akona Mesh Backpack

    These mesh dive bags offer a variety of styles to comfortably haul your gear to and from the dive site.

    From backpacks to duffle bags, these mesh bags make it easy to haul your dive gear to and from the dive site or dive boat.
  • Sea Dragon 1300S
    SeaLife Cameras announces its new 2020 line of products, including new dive lights, underwater photography lights and more.