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18 Great Dive Watches for Scuba Diving in 2022

Make a statement above and below the surface.
By Robby Myers | Published On April 2, 2022
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18 Great Dive Watches for Scuba Diving in 2022


A scuba diver gets ready to dive while wearing a Citizen Promaster Diver watch.


Choosing Dive Watches

Finding the right dive watch is about finding one with a focus that matches your own needs, whether that’s function, style or practicality. Here are some things to consider.

Size: First consider lug-to-lug dimensions—the distance between strap or bracelet attachments from top to bottom. The distance should be a little less than the width across the flat of your wrist so that the watch won’t overhang. For wrists up to about 7 inches around, a case diameter up to about 6mm often looks best.

Price: You can spend a lot on a dive watch, but it’s also possible to buy a finely crafted timepiece for less than the price of a smartphone—without worrying about it becoming obsolete with the next software update.

Movement: Automatic (self-winding) and solar-powered watches are popular because they are accurate, robust and convenient. Automatics can be manually would as well.

Style: Do you want a 200-meter diver that also looks great peeking out from the cuff of your suit, or something that only a diver would wear? The choice is yours.

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Dive Watches

Citizen Promaster 1000M Professional Diver BN7020-17E


1,000-meter dive watch powered by any natural or artificial light source.


This light-powered timepiece is a capable tool for any dive. Big characters and luminous hands and markers make the display easy to read at any depth. Large grooves on the unidirectional elapsed timing bezel can be operated easily, even with thick gloves. The black 53 mm case is made of Super Titanium and features a matching urethane band.

MSRP $2,300 |

Citizen Aqualand BN2038-01L


Sporty light-powered dive watch is fashionable and functional.


This light-powered dive watch is ISO-compliant and depth-rated to 200 meters. The 46 mm stainless-steel case features a stunning blue dial with a blue-and-red one-way elapsed timing bezel and an ocean-blue polyurethane strap. Multiple dive-friendly features include an auto-start dive mode, maximum depth memory and a rapid-ascent alarm.

MSRP $695 |

Citizen Promaster Diver BJ8050-08E


Reinforced urethane strap includes extender to fit over exposure suit.


Suitable for mixed-gas diving, this 300-meter Promaster diver features 6 mm non-reflective crystal and a beefy, ratcheted elapsed-timing bezel. The 48 mm stainless-steel case comes with a reinforced urethane band and an extender to fit over any exposure suit. Thanks to Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, this rugged underwater timepiece is powered by light.

MSRP $495 |

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0227-09L


Super durable dive watch powered by any light.


Made of Super Titanium, this Promaster’s 47 mm case features a diamond-like carbon coating for enhanced durability. The blue camo-print dial features a date window and luminous hands and markings. The locking, one-way elapsed timing bezel is knurled for easy use, even with gloves. This professional grade dive watch is ISO-compliant to 200 meters.

MSRP $550 |

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0191-55L


Stylish ISO-compliant dive watch is fun and functional.


Powered by any natural or artificial light source, this ISO-compliant dive watch is depth-rated to 200 meters. It features a 45 mm stainless-steel case with mineral crystal glass and a matching azure-blue dial and aluminum unidirectional elapsed timing bezel. Luminous hands and markers make for easy reading at depth. Comes with a stainless-steel bracelet.

MSRP $395 |

Citizen Promaster Satellite Wave GPS Diver 200M CC5001-00W


Provides precise time-keeping even at the world’s most remote dive sites.


Making history as the world’s first light-powered watch with GPS satellite capabilities, this 200-meter diving functionality coordinates time and date from GPS satellite for precise global timekeeping. Pressing the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock buttons engages dive mode, which disables all non-safety functions.

MSRP $1,350 |

Seiko Prospex SLA053


Beautiful “seigaiha” pattern calls to mind lapping ocean waves.


This limited-edition Prospex celebrates the “seigaiha” or “blue ocean waves” pattern derived from an ancient Japanese symbol of good fortune. The 300-meter dive watch uses a 26-jewel, hand-assembled 8L35 automatic movement for accuracy and reliability during challenging dives. The blue dial contrasts beautifully against the black bezel and hard-coated stainless case.

MSRP $3,200 |

Seiko Prospex SNE575


Powered by any light source, with a 10-month power reserve.


With a thin and sleek 38.5mm stainless-steel case, this compact Prospex delivers great performance and wearability. It’s also powered by light, meaning you’ll never need to change the battery. Depth-rated to 200 meters, the watch features a black unidirectional timing bezel with blue accents. The matching black dial sports a date window and a 3D pressed globe pattern.

MSRP $495 |

Seiko Prospex SPB237


A faithful reimagining of a renowned timepiece with modern technology.


Depth-rated to 200 meters, this reinterpretation of the 1970 Diver’s Watch has a unique 42.7 mm stainless- steel case with built-in crown guard and a super-hard coating and includes a unidirectional rotating bezel. The textured gray dial features a date window and luminous hands and markers. Two high-intensity fabric straps suitable for diving are included with the watch.

MSRP $1,300 |

Seiko Prospex SPB239


A contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic 1965 Diver’s Watch.


Seiko’s groundbreaking 1965 Diver’s Watch—carried on the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition—sets the standard for excellence and style. This reimagination’s 24-jewel automatic movement can be wound manually and has a 70-hour power reserve. The rich brown dial is surrounded by a black rotating elapsed timing bezel and comes with two expedition-ready fabric straps.

MSRP $1,200 |

Seiko Prospex SPB261


Patterned dial evokes adventures through snow and glacial ice.


Inspired by Seiko’s 1970 Diver’s Watch, this special-edition timepiece celebrates the spirit of adventure and is built for the ice diver—able to withstand the coldest conditions. The asymmetric case of this 200-meter watch features a built-in crown protector, a signature of the original design. The graduated gray patterned dial evokes one of the changing tones of light reflecting off glacial ice.

MSRP $1,400 |

Seiko Prospex SPB263


Special edition to celebrate the intrepid spirt of ice divers.


Built for the ice diver, the patterned, graduated blue dial brings to mind glaciers traversed by Arctic explorers. The 42.7 mm stainless-steel case features a screwdown case back, scratch-resistant anti-reflective sapphire and an asymmetric case. ISO-complaint to 200 meters, this watch is equipped with automatic 6R35 movement and a 70-hour power reserve.

MSRP $1,400 |

Seiko Prospex SPB265


Equipped with 6R35 movement and a 70-hour power reserve.


Reflecting Seiko’s tradition of timepieces relied upon by intrepid explorers, this special-edition Prospex is built for ice diving. The watch has a patterned green dial inspired by the shifting colors of light reflecting off glacial ice and is ringed by a gray unidirectional elapsed timing bezel. The unique asymmetric shape of the stainless-steel case creates a built-in crown protector at 4 o’clock.

MSRP $1,400 |

Seiko Prospex SRPG19


Stainless tri-fold clasp with secure lock and extender for easy fit over wetsuit.


Celebrating Seiko’s official partnership with PADI, this iconic Prospex features a black 3D-pressed dial with a globe pattern. The matching black ceramic one-way elapsed timing bezel uses bright-blue accents and a deeply grooved edge. LumiBrite hands and markers provide easy reading at depth. This 45 mm stainless-steel watch follows ISO standards to 200 meters.

MSRP $625 |

Seiko Prospex SRPG21


Stylish automatic dive watch provides reliable timekeeping in rough waters.


Water-resistant to 200 meters, this dive watch’s 44 mm stainless case has a screwdown crown and case back. The 23-jewel automatic movement allows for manual winding and has a 41-hour power reserve. The black 3D-pressed globe-pattern dial recognizes the collaboration between Seiko and PADI. It features a magnified date window and is paired with a durable black silicone strap.

MSRP $595 |

Seiko Prospex SRPH55


Portion of proceeds goes to Oceanic Society sea turtle research.


This special-edition Prospex 200-meter watch, nicknamed “King Turtle” by fans, highlights Seiko’s sea turtle conservation efforts. The brown dial, reminiscent of a turtle shell, has a date display in English and Kanji. The 45 mm stainless-steel case features a screwdown crown and a turtle sketch on the back. Includes a stainless bracelet and a brown silicone strap.

MSRP $750 |

Seiko Prospex SRPH57


Date window features English and Kanji characters.


The 45 mm, stainless-steel case of this 200-meter automatic diver has a locking crown and a screwdown case back. The intricately patterned green dial sits beneath anti-reflective sapphire and features a date window with English and Kanji characters. A portion of sales benefits the Oceanic Society’s sea turtle research and conservation efforts.

MSRP $750 |

Seiko Prospex SRPH59


Turtle shell pattern pays tribute to Seiko’s support of sea turtle research.


Sporting a turtle shell pattern on its luminous blue dial and a beautifully engraved case back, this special-edition dive watch celebrates Seiko’s ocean exploration and conservation legacy. The 45 mm stainless-steel case comes with a matching stainless bracelet and a blue silicone strap. The one-way elapsed timing bezel can track bottom time.

MSRP $750 |

How To Care For Dive Watches

**1. Prep Your Watch Out of the Box **

Test out the metal ring or bezel that goes around the face of the watch. The bezel requires some effort to rotate it around the dial. You’ll feel it move against the internal indents as you rotate it. There are usually indentations on the outer edge of the bezel to give you a firm grasp and make it easier to move.

If you like to wear your scuba watch on top of your wetsuit, check to make sure the strap will fit around the wetsuit that you usually wear. If it doesn’t fit, the watch maker might have included extensions to lengthen the strap.

It’s worth reading the manual. Today’s dive watches have a lot of functions that are practical, useful or just downright cool. Reading up on the details of your new watch is the best way to get the most out of it.

Dive Watch Diver Scuba Diving Magazine March 2022

Diver sports his new dive watch.

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2. Rinse After Each Dive

Make sure to thoroughly rinse your dive watch in fresh water after each dive. You should also rinse it after getting out of a pool to remove chlorine.

3. Turn the Bezel

While you are rinsing your dive watch, turn the bezel—if your watch has one—to get rid of any sand, grit, etc. that might have gotten under the dial.

4. Check Gaskets

Scuba diving watches are waterproof thanks to rubber or plastic seals inside the watch. These gaskets will eventually deteriorate and affect the water resistance of your watch. Manufacturers suggest the gaskets be changed and/or inspected anywhere from every 28 to 36 months. If you dive frequently, have the watch pressure-tested and the gaskets changed/ inspected annually.

5. Remove for Sauna or Hot Tub

Extreme changes in temperature might affect the sealing capabilities of your dive watch.

6. Screw or Push Down Crowns Tightly

Make sure the crown is either screwed in or pushed down all the way before getting in the water. Once in the water, don’t adjust the crown as water could accidentally seep in.

7. Avoid Chemicals

Do not expose watches to aerosol sprays, strong chemicals or solvents, which can damage or dry them out.

8. Check for Condensation

If you notice condensation under the crystal, take your watch to a professional immediately.