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Kids Sea Camp Curacao Episode Wins 2 Emmy Awards

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Kids Guide: Nationally televised educational programs for kids.

Margo Peyton of Kids Sea Camp along with Curacao Sea Aquarium and Ocean Encounters Sponsored Kids Guide Television to attend and film Curacao Kids Sea Camp. The focus was on their PADI teen diver program listed as Certified Kids Program, an educational Marine oriented program for kids age 10+ that is responsible for over 120 new student divers each year.

Kids Guide Television filmed 3 episodes in Curacao Resulting in KIDS FIRST! Whom evaluates, endorses, and rates children's feature films, videotapes, DVDs, audio recordings recognizing Kids Sea Camp as one of its top rated kids and family programs. The Coalition is nationally recognized for its evaluation and rating programs.

The CURACAO- PADI Certified Kids Program was one of the 3 episodes that has been nominated for a 2007 Emmy Award for Kids Educational Programs. These 3 episodes have aired all on national television on the travel Channel as well as many other national recognized networks for the past 12 months, and seen by millions of viewers as well as its participation and success in the many film Festivals listed.

Kids Sea Camp, Founded in 2001 is currently hosted in the destinations of Bonaire, The Cayman Islands, Roatan Honduras, Castaway Island Fiji , Galapagos Islands, Curacao, as well as with select Peter Hughes Dancer Fleet liveabord weeks. Kids Sea Camp has fast become the worlds largest Scuba Diving Event. Margo Peyton, Scuba Mom and founder, states the focus of her event, is creating an avenue for families to dive together, a family vacation geared around education and fun for youths with hands on programs that get them involved. Margo has been supported in her efforts over the past 7 year by some of the most recognized leaders in the dive industry today, whom still continue to help support the growth of Kids Sea Camp: Sport Diver Magazine and The PADI Diving Society, DAN, Scubapro, Sea Life Cameras, UK, Ron Rogest, Do Rag and Fish Flips, all donating time, educational products and reviews as well as time to the children of Kids Sea Camp.

Kids Sea Camp and Anthony's Key Resort (AKR) will also Proudly work with film crews for this years AKR Kids Sea Camp with Discovery Jones Expeditions TV show. This will include PADI programs such as Seal Team, PADI Jr. Open Water and Teen Diver Programs as well many other recognized parts of this growing family diving event. AKR our largest week will host over 200 participants.