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The Swimming Dead

Zombie Diver

Mike Romano

Zombies have shambled into popular culture in droves in recent years, with shows like The Walking Dead and books and movies like World War Z gripping the collective imagination. PADI Instructor Woody Tinsley of Vernon, Connecticut, decided it was time to prepare divers for the siege with a PADI Zombie Apocalypse Diver Distinctive Specialty certification — complete with certification card and 28-page survival manual.

Students make two dives; in the first, they are presented with a recovery scenario, and then dive in teams to recover as much marine debris as possible. The second dive is part obstacle course, part skill drill and part race. In the second, divers must escape a zombie attack by taking to the water, where they meet with more zombies, naturally. Divers must avoid the underwater zombies, and any contact with one of the undead results in infection, which requires both rescue and self-rescue. Upon course completion, most survivors have a keepsake photo taken in zombie makeup.

Ready to fight the undead? The class will be taught at PADI Dive Resort -Laguna Beach Resort in Utila ( and also as part of Kids Sea Camp ( Or visit — and happy hunting.

Image courtesy of Mike Romano


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