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Canada Diving

Much of Canada is lake and river-filled forest, but there are mountains, plains and even a small desert. The Great Plains, or prairies, cover Manitoba, Saskatchewan and parts of Alberta. Western Canada is known for its Rocky Mountains and the east is home to the country's major cities and Niagara Falls.


Dodd Narrows is a narrow channel that can experience currents of 8 to 9 Knots. This is a slackwater dive with depths to 90'. Sea Anemone, Sea stars, orange cup corral, rock fish and many species of cod can be found here.

Carlos Island boasts a sheer vertical wall where octopus, wolf eels, rock cod and further down Cloud Sponges can all be seen.The Saskatchewan, a 366-foot Mackenzie-class Destroyer Escort, sank in June of 1997 near Snake Island, Nanaimo. She sits upright with a slight list to the port side in depths ranging from 45 to 130 feet. Barkley Sound is full pinnacles like Renateýs Reef and Tyler Rock. This provides plenty of ledges and crevices for marine life such as nudibranchs, rockfish, ratfish, jellyfish and tons of anemones. It also brings the possibility of encountering sixgill sharks.

Nakwakto Rapids is one of the world's most remarkable dive sites. A 16 knot current rips by Turret Rock, a rocky pinnacle in the middle of the channel covered with anemones and sponges. Mounds of goose barnacles cling to the exposed ledges.