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COSMIQ+ is one of the most comprehensive and user friendly recreational dive computers available on the market today. The COSMIQ+ connects to your smartphone via blue-tooth, allowing you to wirelessly upload your dive data to the Deepblu app, so you can create digital dive logs effortlessly. With modes for freediving, scuba diving, and technical diving, COSMIQ+ will appeal to divers of all walks and skill levels.

Deepblu Inc.

COSMIQ+ Dive Computer

Deepblu Inc.

Product Features:

COSMIQ+ includes three different dive modes: Scuba, Bottom Timer and Freedive.

Scuba Mode:
Scuba Mode measures and displays all vital dive data and performs decompression calculations for Standard Air and Nitrox dives.

Bottom Timer Mode:
Bottom Timer Mode is an advanced gauge that measures current depth, average depth, continuous dive time and stage time. Average depth and stage time can both be reset with the press of a button.

Freedive Mode:
Freedive Mode is designed specifically for freediving and includes a built-in surface interval function as well as adjustable alarms for depth and time.

Nitrox Diving:
Nitrox-capable, with the oxygen levels adjustable between 21% and 40%.

Dive Planner:
The Dive Plan function allows divers to plan out dives in advance, taking into consideration residual nitrogen levels between dives.

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