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Island Profile: Bahamas

There are as many types of diving as there are islands There is only one way to sum up more than 700 islands' worth of diving and that is to say there is something for everyone.It's trite but true. There are as many types of diving in the Bahamas as there are islands. This country's close proximity also makes it an attractive destination for divers traveling from any location in the eastern U.S. Live-aboards are a popular option for getting the most from these many islands, and many ships depart from and return to Florida. Nassau, on New Providence, and Freeport, on Grand Bahama Island, are the two most accessed destinations. Shark feeding dives off the southwest corner of New Providence are perhaps the best-known diving attraction, but there are plenty of others: wall dives, wreck dives, shallow reefs, technical dives and dolphin encounters. The Out Islands, however, are completely different, laid back and low key. Andros, the Exumas and Eleuthera all have inland blue holes for the adventurous. Walker's Cay is known for its shark rodeo and San Salvador is about the only place in the Atlantic that attracts schooling hammerheads. The Berry Islands and Chub Cay sit near the Tongue of the Ocean channel and Long Island is a good point to base trips to virginal Rum Cay and Conception Island. Bahamian dollars and U.S. dollars are equal and interchangeable. New Providence and Grand Bahama both have international airports served by the major U.S. airlines with inter-island connections. It's also easy to go from America's East Coast via boat and enter the Bahamas at West End. Departure tax is US$17, cash-only. For information about Bahamas diving, accomodation, travel, and special dive packages, click on the home page below. For more information about diving the Bahamas, click on the home page below.


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