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How to Get to Bonaire

Bonaire reef

Tanya G. Burnett

BONAIRE — – WHERE IS IT? Bonaire is a small island covering about 111 square miles, and is located about 70 miles off the coast of Venezuela. Bonaire Island is relatively flat, with its highest point being Brandaris Hill at about 780 feet. Bonaire's topography today is varied, but originally, the island was part of a vast coral reef — and the island was created by changes in the Continental Shelf along with volcanic activity that pushed the island from the sea. You can see the remnants of coral skeletons all around Bonaire Island. Since Bonaire itself is essentially an exposed coal reef, the underwater reef starts where the water does ... making scuba diving here an experience like no other.

Other nearby islands in what is often referred to as the Dutch Caribbean include Curaçao and Aruba, located to the west of Bonaire. Bonaire is accessible via various airline and cruise ships.

Check out the maps from and to read more on Bonaire's location and how to get there.


Luckily for us, Bonaire is accessible through air travel via many U.S. cities on U.S. carriers. It may take an extra flight or change of planes to get here, but almost everyone agrees it is worth every bit of the additional time it takes. Flying to Bonaire is possible through direct flight from the USA and Europe. Direct flights from Europe come from Amsterdam and direct flights from the USA come from Newark, Houston, Atlanta and Miami. It is also possible to fly from Curacao or Aruba to Bonaire. For complete routes and details please contact the airlines servicing Bonaire. Bonaire's International Airport (BON) can service airplanes as large as the Boeing 747.


American Airlines Flights to Curacao, then change planes to Dutch Antilles Express for the 15-30 minute flight to Bonaire.

American Eagle Flights to Bonaire direct from Puerto Rico with originating flights in many U.S. cities.

Delta Airlines Delta offers direct flights to Bonaire from Atlanta, Georgia.

Continental Airlines Continental offers flights to Bonaire originating in either Houston, Texas or Newark, New Jersey.

Local carriers offering flights to Bonaire from Caribbean airports

Check discount websites like or to find alternate flights or travel tips for getting to Bonaire.


Cruising to Bonaire Island has just recently become available on a regular basis. In the past, the island wasn't on most cruise ship itineraries, but as the island has become more available and its many attractions for eco-tourists have become publicized …that is changing. Several cruise lines offer Bonaire; the schedules for cruise ships change frequently and it's always a good idea to compare prices and schedules.


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