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Bonaire's WebCams


Geri Murphy

See what's going on - any day, any time Carribbean WebCams has its cameras pointed at several locations on the island dive destination of Bonaire, but it's ReefCam been named as one of the world's 25 most interesting WebCams in the world.Installed on a pristine reef at the Small Wall dive site last year, more than 210,000 Internet users have viewed live images from Bonaire's ReefCam. The camera is mounted in approximately 8-10 feet of depth on a private mooring about 300 feet south of Small Wall, and updates the site with a new image every two minutes. We are quite proud of the prestigious honor EartchCam has bestowed on our Bonaire ReefCam, consdering there are thousands and thousands of WebCams on the Internt to select from, says Jake Richter, chief operating officer of Caribbean WebCams. Click on the links below to check out all four views or stills from the ReefCam Bonaire WebCams Reef Cam Images For general information about Bonaire, click on the home page below.


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