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Cressi-Sub Rondine A Fins

I've always had a passion for all things Italian. Back in my single days, I had a little Italian sports car, an Alfa Romeo Spyder Veloce. I'd put the top down, cruise with a date through California's wine country and end the day with an Italian meal. When I was growing up in England, we'd spend part of each summer soaking up the Italian countryside (and sun). It's no wonder that I lean toward dive gear with that distinct Italian flair. And this is especially true of my Cressi-Sub Rondine A fins. (I like the rich yellow version, same color as my old Alfa.) I usually bring an extra pair on my dive trips for anyone willing to model for me. The sleek design not only provides nice performance, but the fins look tremendous in photos. And I put my models through the ringer: lots of swimming, hovering, small adjustments, holding position in a current -- plenty of work, suffice it to say. And they always want to keep the fins when we're done for the day. As I've found in my use, the Balanced Variable Flex Blade allows my models to go through the rigors without much leg fatigue, especially on the ankles. And the low-profile design, from the buckles to the fits-like-a-glove foot pocket, keep drag to a minimum. Plus, they're Italian and just look cool.



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