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For The Diver: Travel-Friendly Presents

IT MEGALITE 4 Wheel Spinner

Divers already carry around enough gear. Loosen your load with IT luggage's MEGALITE line. Each of the three sizes is ultra light (starting at 1.9 kg), has a 10 year warranty and is suprisingly roomy.

IT Luggage

Magicstick 2800

Tablet and smartphone batteries can drain quickly with constant use on the go. The Magicstick 2800mAh is a portable source of power for when you need it most. This pocket-sized device is convenient for traveling with children with gadgets.


Timberland Oxford

Make security lines a breeze with these slip-off leather/canvas oxfords. Perfect for summer, this new line of Timberland features a breathable mesh lining and is made with 100% recycled plastic bottles. (And you won't sacrifice comfort.) The SensorFlex technology and ReCanvas material will keep your feet supported all day long - making them great for those delayed travel days.

Rechargeable USB Travel Razor

Not every man can pull off the castaway look coming home from vacation. For those men there is the Rechargeable USB Travel Razor. Approximately the size of a smartphone you can shave for up to 30 minutes with one charge.

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Bringing back a bottle of wine to commemorate the trip?

The VinniBag is an inflatable bag that you can use to pack fragile souvenirs. These clear, reusable bags also meet the TSA requirements and can be folded neatly when not in use.

Kuhi Comfort pillow

The Kuhi Comfort pillow comes in a variety of different textures including satin and velvet. When you’re all done with your nap you can tuck the pillow away in its own traveling pouch.

Once your home, you can throw the entire pillow and case into the wash until your next trip.

Kuhi Comfort Inc.

From super-light carry-ons to cuddly pillows and waterproof kicks, these picks will ensure you stay stress-free and ready for anything.

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