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Part of the NEW Cressi Atelier line, the T10 Cromo/Galaxy is a very high performance regulator, with the same mechanics as the T10 Master, but without the double stage regulator. This regulator is ideal for seasoned or professional divers who need extremely high-performing equipment that is both simple and resistant, without any of the usual accessories that may get damaged.

Product Features

**1st Stage T10 Chrome **

  • 2 HP and 4 LP ports
  • An ultra-modern yet easy to manage, reliable and durable.
  • A satin chrome coating protects the 1st stage from erosion, wear and tear
  • The HP saddle is made from AISI316 stainless steel, making it more resistant to deformation caused by metal micro particles that can infiltrate the tank.
  • The Polyurethane valve is mechanically very resistant to both oils and to hyperoxic mixtures.
  • The mechanism’s hyper-compensation guarantees a light increase in the intermediate pressure as the pressure in the tank decreases.
  • Delivers a maximum level of performance in the final phases of the dive


  • Over-sized intake diaphragm for smoother breathing,--the best of its kind: 2810 mm2, 12% more than the high range models offered
  • Pneumatic compensation mechanism to guarantee smooth exceptional flow and abundant calibrated air delivery
  • Ultralight high range 2nd stage with a mixture of semi-flexible sound-absorbing engineering plastics.
  • Deflector Dive-Predive without metal parts to personalize the Venturi effect
  • Wide angle pivot cam, enhanced to precisely transmit the inhalation effort with minimum friction with the diaphragm disc.
  • Cold-heat exchanger located inside the second stage to prevent the air from freezing when diving in cold waters
  • Exhalation effort particularly reduced without having to reduce the thickness of the diaphragm.
  • The thickness of the walls has been optimized to greatly reduce its total size and weight
  • CE Performance (50m/50 bar): Initial inhalation effort: 2.40 mbar Total inhalation labor: 0.02 Joule/L Maximum exhalation effort: 8.2 mbar Total exhalation...
  • New ultra flexible hose covered in thermoplastic rubber to guarantee resistance to erosion

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