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Central America

Dive More, Save 15% on Second Dive in Kauai!

Kauai's waters keep you coming back for more! Book a second dive and enjoy 15% off ~ Kauai: Where One More Dive is a Must!

2023 Anthony’s Key Vacation DIVE Package Rates

2023 Special 7 Night Dive Package

Belize Dive Deal : Dive the Belize Barrier Reef

Belize, a paradise below and above the surface. Discover the depths of the Caribbean Sea, from age-old stalactites to a kaleidoscope of coral forests with matchless dives of the Belize Barrier Reef just minutes from your doorstep at SunBreeze Hotel.

Snorkel Package

About 95% of marine life species in the Caribbean make their home among Roatan’s reefs. From a lush underwater garden of pristine corals and sponges to other marine residents like Caribbean reef sharks and loggerhead turtles, the waters teem with vivid undersea wonders.

Inside An Action-Packed Family Dive Trip in Panama's Coiba National Park

Looking for uninterrupted time with his daughter, a father rolls the dice with a rugged dive trip in a foreign fishing village. Will the risks outweigh the rewards?

Getting Altitude Dive Certified in Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan

Experience the novelty of diving at altitude in a wetsuit in this small Guatemalan town against a backdrop of dramatic volcanoes.

What It’s Like to Take Your First Liveaboard Trip

Liveaboard diving is an adjustment, but boat life offers luxuries that make constant diving easy and enjoyable.

Five Great Dive Sites in Belize That Aren’t the Blue Hole

Forget the Great Blue Hole: Belize offers wall dives, night dives, shark dives and more.

Panama Expands Largest MPA to Surpass 30 by 30 Goals

The Cordillera de Coiba marine protected area is now nearly 38,000 square miles. A management plan is set to be implemented this fall.