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David Shiffman, Ph.D.

Dr. David Shiffman is a marine conservation biologist who studies threatened sharks and how to protect them.

Do Dive Lights Harm Manta Rays?

Shining bright plankton-attracting lights is a common practice to lure giant manta rays for nighttime viewings, but can the seemingly harmless spectacle actually harm these gentle giants?

How Captive Breeding is Helping Shark Conservation

The organization ReShark works to help threatened shark populations bounce back in a unique way.

This Organization Wants to Make Diving More Eco-Friendly

There's no question that most scuba divers share a deep-rooted love with the ocean. But are divers taking as many precautions as possible to protect the ecosystem they adore? This organization provides above-and-beyond training to help divers become as sustainable as possible.

Ask a Marine Biologist: Why Are Polar Ocean Animals Giant?

In this edition of “Ask a Marine Biologist,” David Shiffman discusses polar gigantism.

Can Fish Survive in Both Fresh and Salt Water?

In this edition of “Ask a Marine Biologist,” Dr. David Shiffman discusses osmoregulation and whether fish can adapt to different environmental conditions

The International Fisheries Management Body Divers Should Know About

ICCAT helps set sustainable fisheries management quotas for tuna species in the Atlantic Ocean. Here’s what to know and how to get involved.

Sea Cucumbers: Everything There Is to Know

In this edition of “Ask a Marine Biologist,” Dr. David Shiffman discusses one of the ocean’s most likable echinoderm.

Protecting Texas’ Barrier Island Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle, Inc., is on a decades-long mission to protect the South Padre Island turtle population from threats to their nesting grounds and more.

What Remains Unknown About the Deep Sea?

The latest "Ask a Marine Biologist"