60:Second ScubaLab: SCUBAPRO Chromis dive computer [Video] | Sport Diver

60:Second ScubaLab: SCUBAPRO Chromis dive computer [Video]

SCUBAPRO Chromis Dive Computer

SCUBAPRO’s Chromis dive computer makes the most of its watch-sized display. It has large numerical readouts and a mode indicator at the right of the screen. This makes it easy for divers to find important information at a glance. Scuba, gauge, apnea, swim and watch modes are all programmed using a four-button interface. Divers can program nitrox mixes between 21 and 100 percent and select one of five micro bubble levels for diving more conservatively. Apnea mode gives free divers audible cues to manage dive time, while swim mode features a stroke counter that helps keep track of distance. Swimmers can also wear Chromis on the ankle to track kick cycles. Bottom Line: The new Chromis is more than a dive computer. It’s a multi-function dive and swim watch perfect for active water sports enthusiasts.

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