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Photo Gallery: Marine Life Alien Creatures

A guitarfish off the western coast of Africa.

Manuel Silva

Under the ice in Switzerland's Lake Sassolo.

Claudio Gazzaroli

Mirror image: A parrotfish.

Imran Ahmad

The polychaete worm, Nereis pelagica, swims in Russia’s White Sea.

Alexander Semenov

The Cyanea capillata, or lion’s mane jellyfish, is the world’s largest. Its dome can grow to eight feet in diameter, and its tentacles can reach up to 118 feet. What’s more, those dangerous tentacles are almost invisible when stretched to maximum length.

Alexander Semenov

The strange-looking mola mola, or ocean sunfish.

Daniel Botelho

Mexico's cenotes can seem otherworldly.

Christian Vizl

A pygmy seahorse.

Ludovic Galko-Rundgren

Chances are you'll never encounter a bigeye houndshark. This strange guy was photographed at 1600 feet in the Red Sea. Nope, that's not a typo.

Jeff Rotman/Minden Pictures

It’s a common feeling among divers: As soon as that mask hits the water, you’re immersed in an alien world, as oddities of every shape and size cross your field of vision. But this group of ocean oddities is weirder than most — that is, of course, after humans, which are indeed the most alien of them all.


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