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Three New 3mm Scuba Diving Wetsuits

These new 3 mm wetsuits will keep you warm while looking cool.

Beuchat Alize

beuchat alize

$140.42; Beuchat Diving

Jon Whittle

The Alize features all of the design elements that make for a comfortable wetsuit. The suit is cut without seams in the underarms to reduce chafing, and features pre-curved elbows that don’t bunch up when your arms are in a natural position. The neck, wrist and ankles have an effective rolled smooth-skin seal and are very effective at blocking water entry. The suit’s warmth is mainly a product of its solidly-performing seals than the neoprene, which is on the lighter side. The adjustable neck closure has the “hook” side of the fastener on the neck and the soft “loop” side on the flap, which reduces the likelihood of it getting caught on the neoprene. This comfortable suit is a great choice for warm-water work.

Aqua Lung AquaFlex

aqua lung aquaflex

$299; Aqua Lung

Jon Whittle

If you need the maximum insulation out of a 3mm, the AquaFlex may be just what you need to dive in cooler water temps. The rear zipper features wide double smooth-skin closures with a rolled outer flap that would be right at home on a 5- or 7 mm wetsuit. The front of the chest is lined with a thick insulating pad and the exterior seams are sealed with liquid rubber to block seepage and protect the stitching. The suit is made of high-stretch material and uses a body-hugging cut that helps it fit very well. The seals taper to a feather edge that works with the stretchy fabric to create an efficient, water-blocking fit. This suit is warm, well-made and comfortable.

Scubapro Everflex 3/2

Scubapro Everflex 3/2

$369; Scubapro

Jon Whittle

The Everflex is built with great attention to detail and features lots of well-thought out extras such as a hip-mounted plastic hook for securing a hood or gloves and a short zipper on the throat to ease the neck seal between dives. The suit maximizes warmth by utilizing full 3 mm neoprene and a thick, fleecy lining in the torso. In the arms and shins, 2 mm neoprene keeps the suit flexible and provides a very good range of motion. The tapered edges of the wrist and ankle seals are effective at stopping water entry and benefit from a tight fit. This suit slides on and off with ease thanks to the smooth interior lining, but the short rear zipper pull requires some practice to close on your own.