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Tourism Fiji

Welcome to the Relaxation Destination. At the crossroads of the South Pacific, Fiji is a nation of 330 islands with a diversity of people to meet, places to see and activities to satisfy every enthusiast. In Fiji, the most wonderful activity is doing nothing at all; just soaking up the warmth, tranquillity and friendliness of a land that is unspoiled, uncrowded - a place that is made for people stressed out by the hectic pace of today's demanding world. It is truly a tropical paradise unequaled in its ability to provide a relaxing environment.As a visitor, you'll be treated in Fiji's timeless tradition as an honored guest. As such, you'll be embraced by the warmth and simplicity of the people and drawn into their idyllic lifestyle.You'll awaken your spirit by relaxing amid the peace and quiet of Fiji's uncrowded beaches, magical lagoons, tranquil coves and lush rainforests or by sitting in serene seclusion on a nearby mountain top. But, if doing absolutely nothing is beyond your comprehension, you can stimulate and regenerate your body with a wide range of land and water activities - especially diving.


Tourism Fiji

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